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General questions about Lycachat

What is Lycachat?
Lycachat is an app that allows the user to make calls, send messages and share videos worldwide.
Is it available for my phone?
Lycachat is available for iPhones (iOS7 and above) and Android phones (Android 4.0 and above).
Can I get a new number with Lycachat?
It is not possible to get a new number only for VoIP. While registering a valid GSM number, it will be mapped to your VoIP account and the same will be verified by sending a SMS verification code to that GSM number.
Can I get a new number AND keep my old number with Lycachat?
Yes, a subscriber can continue to use the number registered with Lycachat despite getting a new number for your handset
Can I get a new number, a toll-free number AND keep my old number?
A subscriber can only keep a GSM Mobile number in use for Lycachat. It is not possible to use a toll-free number in a Lycachat account.
Can I take my number with me if I travel?
Yes. Once Lycachat is downloaded and registered with a GSM number, it can be taken anywhere around the world to make calls and texts. The only thing required to use Lycachat is a good stable data connection with at least 3G/4G/wifi connectivity.
Can I call someone who is not using the Lycachat service?
With the Lycachat Out feature users can make calls to anyone in the world with a mobile or landline connection. To use this service all you need is to have credit in your Lycachat account, which can be done via online or voucher recharge. Once the account is credited, users can make cheap Lycachat out calls to any destination worldwide.
Can I divert my incoming number?
Incoming calls cannot be diverted in Lycachat. We do not have this feature in Lycachat at present.
Can I get voicemail on my account?
User can get Voicemail for his/her Lycachat account.
How reliable and secure is Lycachat?
When registering your Lycachat account, it is mandatory that you have a valid GSM number and hence there is no chance of anyone missusing Lycachat with an anonymous CLI. During registration, the user's MSISDN will be captured in a database and while using Lycachat services, call detail records will be available in your online Lycachat account for future reference.
Is it free to call other VoIP networks?
It is only free to call within the Lycachat network, between Lycachat APP users.
Do I need to pay for this service?
You will only need to recharge your account in order to make calls to other mobile & landline numbers over the world; Lycachat to Lycachat calls and messages are completely free of charge.
How do I recharge my account?
You could recharge by toping up using a Lycachat recharge voucher by logging in to
Can I forward calls to my mobile device?
Call forwarding is not currently available but will be coming soon.
Can I call premium numbers?
It is not currently possible to call premium numbers from the Lycachat app.
Does my credit expire?
There is NO expiry date for credit on your Lycachat account.